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Reflections on: "America's Drinking Problem"

I often see patients in the hospital and clients in sessions who have had alcohol or substance use impact their life in some way. For some, their own alcohol use and/or substance use is impairing their ability to function in the workforce, or at home. For others, they have a loved one or someone they interact with who's substance/alcohol use has impacted their own life. I urge everyone to reflect on their own lives and consider how alcohol or substance use has affected them. Is this an issue to look further in to? Could the quality of life be better with a reduced amount of use or abstinence from use? Am I modeling or impacting my (child's/family/teams) life because of how I am functioning due to alcohol/substance use? If the majority of Americans are using alcohol, then you are certainly not alone in this reflection. There are many options for seeking some help or guidance with achieving the quality of life you seek. You just have to ask.

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