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Coaching & Other Supportive Services 

Many times we need additional support outside of therapy for various reasons. Coaching is not clinical, it is about walking you through steps and processes to help you get the task or goal you need to achieve done. Coaching does not treat symptoms of mental illness or health, it focuses on helping you with task oriented goals, with an emphasis on the "how" and is typically short term. 

Case Managment

One on one help with a provider that can help you navigate connecting to resources and tasks to get the care you need. Such as calling provider/ insurance offices and making appointments with you, showing you how to advocate for yourself in real time. 

$60/reserved hour

Calls for Seniors

There are certain circumstances and events that can lead to isolation for many senior citizens. This is a great option for those that do not feel they need individual therapy but a safe, consistent place for connection and continuing socialization while also getting encouragement to practice healthy activities and social skills. 

$60/ reserved hour

Coaching for clinicians for crisis intervention and management & engaging therapeutically with patients with severe mental illness & co-morbidity 

For any clinician, case manager, mental health rehab specialist, family specialist, peer partner or other position engaging with members of our community in various settings (hospital, clinic, in homes, in the community etc.) and needing important information and skills to be a competent, confident, safe clinician.

$120 : 1 on 1-one hour coaching & consultation 

$40 per participant : group (minimum 3) for one hour

$500 for clinical team workshop: 3 hour workshop tailored to your practice population.

Activities of Daily Living

Sometimes we never learned essential skills to thrive in adult hood, or have forgotten how to do these skills due to various reasons. The provider can help you practice and work through activities of daily living such as: going grocery shopping for self, time management, money management , advocation skills with SSI/ school, applying for jobs, interviewing or addressing needs with employer. 

If you need help with a specific skill, please contact us to see if this would be a good option.

$90/ reserved hour

Caregiver/ Parent Partner 

providing peer support to parents/caregivers of youth receiving services. Peer support may be delivered in individual or group settings. The role of the Parent Partner is to provide peer support but also to work collaboratively to support systems change by increasing family involvement and decreasing unintentional, bias about parents.

$50/ reserved hour one on one

$30/ 60 min group , minimum 5 participants 



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