Services offered:

Therapy for Individuals

In my work, I provide a judgement free and shame free zone. I take an eclectic approach to therapy, with an emphasis in working through trauma, and brain-body type of treatments (such as EMDR, and Brainspotting).

EMDR therapy:

I provide EMDR therapy to individuals seeking a consistent,  and thorough approach to alleviate symptoms or issues possibly from 6-12 sessions.

EMDR is known to be an effective, evidenced based treatment approach for trauma, and many other symptoms and issues. 

Online Therapy: 

An option for individuals who prefer to meet online, are tight on time, or difficulty with transportation issues (including avoiding traffic!). 

Online therapy is done through a secure and confidential platform, where you can be in the comfort of your home/ car/ office or any other space and see your therapist in her office. 

EMDR Consultations

As a CIT (consultant in training) I provide Clinicians who have completed their basic training with consultation for additional support and/or to work towards their EMDR Certification Hours. 

Group and individual consultation appointments are available. 

Immigration Evaluations:

I conduct psychosocial evaluations that can be very helpful in immigration cases. Often clients are referred to me by their attorney. However, if you are looking for support and need a referral for a reputable attorney, feel free to contact me and I can refer you to someone local or in the state of CA, and possibly elsewhere. 

Workshops & Events:

I offer workshops to help individuals get quick and effective information to help them grow, cope and live life to the fullest. 

I also offer workshops to couples and families to promote stronger, healthier and more loving relationships. 

I also do speaking events for companies, cities, schools, and more to provide knowledge and skills regarding mental health, preventing burn out, compassion fatigue, healthy relationships, and stress management.