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Individual Therapy
EMDR Consultations offered 

Individual session $120/ 50 minute session or Group Sessions held monthly $45 for 90 minutes.

Nicole is a consultant in training under approved consultant Alicia Avila, LMFT ( .  A Consultant in training can provide up to 15 hours towards your certification hours. 

This is a wonderful option if you are simply looking for additional support and guidance post-basic training, or to work towards your certification hours.


Nicole Serrano, LMFT was trained in EMDR in 2018 and became Certified in EMDR in 2020. Throughout this time, Nicole has received advanced training in flash technique, anxiety, EMD, dissociation, and severe cases with Dolores Mosquera, Dr. Manfield, and approved consultants and facilitators  Janeen Cunningham, LMFT and Alicia Avila, LMFT.

Specializing in Adult Population:

  • Protocol in English

  • Protocol in Spanish

  • PTSD, C-PTSD, recent trauma

  • Generational trauma/ breaking cycles

  • Dissociation

  • Online EMDR

  • Domestic Violence

  • Childhood abuse

  • Healthcare workers


- Held Monthly Thursday or Saturday (contact for next date)

- maximum 8 participants per group 

- Held online via zoom (video/call)

- In person in Rancho Cucamonga available if enough participants

-$45 per person for 90 minute groups


- Held in person In Rancho Cucamonga, CA or online via zoom

-$120 per 50-60 min session 

Consultations on cases

If you need a clinical consultation on how to manage  domestic violence situations, clients in crisis,  suicidal ideation or referring to a higher level of care.

$60 per 30 minutes

Starting Private Practice

Learn from all the hard lessons I went through on starting your own private practice, and what it takes to run your business as a sole proprietor or as a corporation.

* California clinicians can NOT have an LLC.

$120 per hour

Consultation & coaching

For any clinician, case manager, mental health rehab specialist, family specialist, peer partner or other position engaging with members of our community in various settings (hospital, clinic, in homes, in the community etc.) and needing important information and skills to be a competent, confident, safe clinician.

$120 : 1 on 1-one hour coaching & consultation 

$40 per participant : group (minimum 4) for one hour

$500 for clinical team workshop: 3 hour workshop tailored to your practice population.

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