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Group Therapy

Connection and community is important in group therapy. Being in a safe environment with others who understand and are processing similar things as you is a wonderful way to process and heal. What group would benefit you?

Groups run in 4-8 week blocks. commitment would be for full 4-8 weeks. 

Fee varies  per group session.

** Groups are on going, so if you find a group you want to join, please contact us so we can tell you when the next date would be!

Seeking Safety Group

A group to help those in substance/ alcohol use recovery. This is not a 12 step program, and it is focused on recognizing triggers, coping and grounding tools and insight in to motivation for continuing to reduce the harm of use or sobriety. 


A group for healthcare professionals needing to process together the trauma, experiences, difficulties continuously coming up for them throughout the pandemic and how to gain tools to self soothe, care for their own well being, and recover from demoralizing circumstances. 

Healing from Vicarious Trauma

A group for those in mental health and health or first responder  professions  where you can process together various workplace experiences and work on healing and post traumatic growth. 

Qigong Healing

We have 2 groups. One specifically for those in the mental health professions. One open to all. 

This is grounding techniques and guided

meditation help. Qi Gong has known benefits such as: reducing stress, reducing anxiety, reducing depressive symptoms, improving sleep quality, improved balance, and flexibility. QiGong brings mindfulness to you and can be incorporated into practice through a series of movements called baduanjin. This is a workshop for all that are interested in an eastern-based technique for self-use and a tool to us when struggling from stress, depression, and anxiety that can bring a sense of peace and control back

to one’s life.

Grounding Skills for Beginners

Learn essential grounding and coping skills to help you manage daily stressors, dealing with difficult conversations, emotions and people. 

Sign up for group!

Please submit your request with which group you are interested in and we will contact you with updated information on when the next group will be.

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