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"I am not what has happened to me.

I am what I choose to become." 

- Carl Jung

Therapy with either Nicole, Josefina, Sandra, Bjorn, or classes with Anita (depending on availability)


Thanks for reaching out!

You are on your way to a healthier you and although its not easy, its' worth it. 

This is a place to explore what support, resources and services are going to help you get to the goals and vision you have for yourself and the quality of life you want. 

Find what will work best for you

Meet The Team


Nicole Serrano, LMFT

Therapist. Speaker. Consultant. CEO

Bilingual: English/ Spanish

Contact to be added to Waitlist 


Sandra Monge, ACSW #95380

Therapist: * not accepting new patients at this time*


Individual therapy, Couples and group therapy


English & Spanish

$120/session, reduced rates available. 

Bjorn Face shot 2022.JPG

Bjorn Gothberg, AMFT #130805

Therapist: * currently accepting patients*

Tues & Thurs


Individual therapy, Couples and group therapy
EMDR therapy


[English only]

$120/session, reduced rates available. 


Anita Lerma,
Wellness Coach

 Certified Sound Healer. 

  • Individual/ private  sound baths

  • private group sound bath 

  • parenting classes

  • kids wellness classes

  • Parent & Me wellness class

  • Teen wellness class

  • Gentle Flow Yoga & More!

  • English & Spanish

Various rates for individual, group and corporate sessions. 


Josefina Sierra, LCSW #15702



Waitlist only, currently full.

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy 

Group Therapy 

English & Spanish

$150/session or


-Risk Management


-Blue Shield of CA

-United Healthcare

Haki Rowe, M.S.

Grant Writer

If you are interested in contacting us to collaborate, sponsor or donate to NS Counseling & Wellness Services to provide services to the community for free or low cost, please contact Haki at 

Stephanie (Violeta) Arrazola, LMFT

Therapist: * currently accepting patients*

Tues-Thurs mornings.


Individual therapy with adults 


[English y Español]

$150/ 50 min session

Risk Management insurance 

Aetna insurance 

Cigna insurance

Blue Shield of CA


  • .


Services & Specialties


EMDR Therapy

EMDR is most well known for working with trauma or PTSD. However there are many other effective uses for EMDR.

Relaxing Outdoor

Individual Therapy

Stress, career demands, family/ friend relationships and responsibilities,  caring for parents or family members, loss of relationships, sex, spirituality, Individual growth, career transitions, trauma, anxiety, depression, concentration and focus are just a few topics that adults of all ages often struggle with. 

When it feels like something is weighing heavily on you, or throwing you off track, it can be incredibly beneficial to explore what those underlying issues, thoughts, and feelings are. Therapy can often help in teaching us ways to decrease symptoms, increase ways we can cope with issues, prevent and recover from burnout and finding clarity within ourselves. 

Holding Hands

Couples Therapy

Therapy provided to couples to enhance and repair communication, connection and intimacy.

Group Calls

Group Therapy

In person & Online:
Our therapy groups are wonderful and affordable option for those wanting to get additional mental health or wellness support. We offer grounding groups, substance abuse recovery groups, sound bath/healing groups, and more!

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Nicole Serrano, LMFT provides EMDR consultations to clinicians who have completed basic training through EMDRIA approved provider. 
(up to 15 hours as a CIT)

Additional Consultations for clinicians looking to start private practice or gain additional skills.

speaking at los amigos elem.jpeg

Speaker. Workshops.


Speaking engagements

Private workshops for your company or group

Yoga on the Beach

Wellness Services, classes & coaching

We incorporate a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. Often therapists recommend other things you can do for yourself for self care, like yoga, mediation, sound healing, aromatherapy, emotion management groups etc. So we have made it a priority to provide this in our practice to our clients. 


Sometimes there are things in life that we just need someone to show us how to do, or help us step by step in doing. This could be practicing life skills, activities of daily living, practicing interviews, building resumes and looking for work etc. We have amazing staff to help with these needs that are not clinically therapeutic or appropriate for therapy. 

Digital Reading

Products for clients & clinicians

- Mini guided grounding tools available in audio or video format

- Essential learning for clinicians who would like more experience and understanding of "real world" interactions with patients with severe mental illness or co-morbidity and dealing with crisis situations. 

& more.

Coming soon!
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