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This month, I found myself talking often to clients about this particular book that I feel like is useful in understanding your own needs, as much as it helps us understand our partner's needs, and even our children's needs since the same concept can be applied. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman explores different "languages" that we communicate our love in. The difficult part is that we all have different Love Languages, meaning we all differ in ways we interpret what things are loving, and how we express love. When we understand how we want love shown to us, how we understand that we are loved, we will then know how to communicate our needs to our partner. I recommend reading the book, which can be found at your local bookstore or online here: Amazon

You can also look take the Five Love Languages quiz, and see what your love language is. This can be really fun to do with your partner and discuss, but I do recommend reading the book to better understand what each language means and how to work together on speaking each others 'Language'. Find the quiz here:

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