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New appointment times & services!

New appointment times & services! NICOLE SERRANO, LMFT MAY 1, 2023

Welcome to our first Newsletter! We have been looking for a way to provide everyone the updates on availability, services and providers that could be accessed at any time and we believe this newsletter is the right fit.

  • First, we want to give a welcome to our newest clinician Josefina Sierra, LCSW who has been licensed for over 30 years and has done incredible work with children, teens, and adults. For a long time, our clients have been asking us if we can provide services to kids and teens and Josefina is bringing this specialized work to NS Counseling! Josefina at this time has Tuesday evening openings 530p,, 630pm and 730pm , (Thursdays are now full) for in person and online. As well as Saturday mornings online only. She will also be offering expanded hours at the end of summer. If you have been searching for a wonderful clinician for your teen, or for yourself, your family or even your elderly parent, Josefina may be a great fit. She is only in network with Risk Management at this time, but can provide services via client pay ($90-150/ session)

  • We will soon be able to accept some EAP’s! We are working hard to find the best ways that we can provide accessible and affordable care to our community, while being able to earn what our clinicians deserve and what our business needs to run. With insurance barriers this can be very tricky and difficult as we want to avoid the red tape and claw backs that often come with insurance. While we continue to do the work of trying to find the best fit, we also provide reduced rates. Our clinicians Sandra & Bjorn rates of $120/session can be reduced between $75-120, and they also participate in Open Path directory offering $60-70 rates specifically for those participating in that program.

  • Current availability for individual therapy or couples therapy with Bjorn: Weekly & Biweekly- Tuesday/Thursday evenings & night, Fridays 9am-230pm or Sandra: Biweekly only -Thursdays 7:10pm or Saturday 10am or 1pm

Our Wellness Coach Anita is offering a variety of amazing wellness services for children, teens, adults and families! If you have not seen any updates on social media (IG: nicoleserranolmft) then you might have missed the many individual sessions, private groups and classes that are now being offered or coming up! Between grounding & coping skills, anger management, parenting classes, kids coping skills and anger management, Parent & Me classes, yoga, sound healing (crystal singing bowl therapy) & tuning forks, Company wellness sessions, and more, Anita brings so much to our practice and community! She can schedule these privately or via our groups that are announced a couple times a month. If you have more questions about scheduling these events, please contact Anita or Nicole at Direct line: 909-784-5535 909-300-5746 . View the list of wellness services here: Wellness Services with Anita or schedule a wellness service online at: wellness service schedule STAY TUNED: Be on the look out for a FREE community self care session where she will offer sound healing, light stretching, breath work and affirmations. We will also be offering a FREE self care & energy release for other mental health workers in our community this summer, so keep an eye out for updates on when registration is open! Stay tuned for our next community clothing and shoe drive! Seeking donations of gently used or new clothing, shoes, scarves, coats, bags etc to provide to our community of teens, young adults, adults and seniors that could use this help during these economic times! The next event will most likely be in June/July this summer. Share NS Counseling & Wellness Center Newsletter. . Thanks for reading NS Counseling & Wellness Center Newsletter! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. Subscribed


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